We deliver the best procucts on the market!

As a manufacturer-independent system house, we can supply you with all products of the professional lighting and stage technology of all established manufacturers. For your big or small projects or simply for the daily needs. With some products we have especially good experiences  and can offer these on favorable terms. They are presented on the following pages.

Time and again we realize that certain things are not or not in convincing quality available in the market. Then we develop them ourselves. The result are products as diverse as our CONTRO-LED workplace lights, the CYCLO-LED cyclorama lighting system, the CYCLO-TRACK curtain rail systems, the TV-TRACK light rail systems or the LIGHT-CLAMP pipe clamps. We pay attention to the highest quality, made in Germany, patented.

You can't find what you are looking for? Talk to us, we will find a solution. Or we do it ourselves.

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