De Sisti spotlights

Since 1982, De Sisti has been a world leader in professional lighting systems. Innovation, technological research, high performance, attention to detail and the highest international safety standards are the most important features of the company.

De Sisti lighting systems are used in entertainment, television and architectural lighting. All products are developed, manufactured and tested in De Sisti factories. There several teams of professional and experienced specialists work hard to achieve excellent results in the best quality. Total quality control is the main goal of the manufacturer.

De Sisti is constantly investing in the improvement and development of its products and systems to make the best possible use of technology advances. For example, the brand is currently leading important innovations in SSL (LED) lighting with international patents and optimized optical systems. This combination of quality products with highly efficient optics offers users great advantages.

Super LED F4.7

The Super LED F4.7 is a highly efficient Fresnel lens projector featuring the innovative 60W COB LED ARRAY (Chip on Board) in combination with DE SISTI's internationally patented LED fresnel lens system and enhanced CRI (Color Rendering Index ) higher than 96 used for superior color fidelity. The luminaire is DMX-controlled from 0 to 100% with a very uniform dimming curve and a negligible deviation of the color temperature during the control of the light intensity. The F4.7 is available with Tungsten (3,200 °) or Daylight (5,600 ° K) CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), in both cases with a CRI greater than 96 and in manual or pole-operated versions. The luminosity of the tungsten light version from medium to full focus are similar to a 750W tungsten fresnel spotlight, while the daylight design resembles a 250W HMI. The device combines the classic SPOT / FLOOD beam control with a range of focus as in a conventional spotlights with an excellent shading by the barndoors. It uses standard accessories from the DE SISTI range with corresponding fresnel lens sizes such as barndoors and color filter frames.

Super LED F6

The Super LED F6 combines the features of the Super LED F4.7 with a 120W LED array. In the tungsten version it corresponds to a 1000W tungsten spotlight, in the daylight version a 575W HMI. It is available with M.O. or P.O. stirrup, too


Super LED F7

In the version with 7 "lens with 160W, the Super LED F7 corresponds to a 1200W tungsten spotlight and slightly more than a 575W HMI.

Super LED F10 / Super Led F10 HP

The 10 " size of the Super LED is available with two different LED arrays: The Super LED F10 has a 180W LED array, which corresponds to a conventional tungsten spotlight with 2000W or to a HMI spotlight with 700W.

With the same housing and same size, the 'High Power' version Super LED F10 HP has a 330W LED array. This makes it comparable to a 2500W tungsten or 800W HMI spotlight.


Also this size can be supplied with manual or pole operated stirrup.

Super LED F14 / Super LED F14 HP

Similarly in the largest version the Super LED F14 with LED arrays is available with two power levels and with either 3200k or 5600k color temperature.


While the Super LED F14 corresponds to a 4kW tungsten spotlight or to a 1200W HMI, the Super LED F14 HP matches a 5kW tungsten spotlight or a 1500W HMI.


The Piccoletto is a highly efficient fresnel spotlight with a powerful 30W COB (Chip on Board) LED array with a CRI greater than 90 for good color reproduction. The Piccoletto is available with tungsten (3200K) or daylight (5600K) characteristics. The device combines the classic SPOT / FLOOD beam control with a range of focus as in a conventional spotlight with an excellent shading by the door panels. Power can be supplied from a universal power supply or various battery types.

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