VNR network components

VNR products have proven their worth in many of our projects in terms of clear design, good functionality and high reliability for many years and have become standard for applications with highest requirements.


The Merger / Booster is a device that links 4 DMX or Ethernet universes and distributes them to 8 opto-isolated patchable outputs and can also be used as a DMX / Ethernet or Ethernet / DMX converter. Optionally, the signals can be monitored and up to 8 scenes saved and recalled. The behavior in case of signal loss can be selected per channel (OFF or HOLD) and the inputs can be programmed in HTP or LTP (highest or lowest takes precedence) mode. Another option is a network connection for an external keypad for recalling preprogrammed cues, e.g. for the house lights in a theater.



A booster DMX 512 & Ethernet with 1 input each for DMX and Ethernet as well as 12 galvanic separated outputs XLR 5pol. or RJ45 with the same features as patch and settings HTP, LTP, OFF and HOLD is also available.


As a further supplement, the D-Point converter with 2 inputs and 2 outputs is available, which converts DMX512 to Ethernet ArtNet and vice versa and can also be configured with additional features.


The configuration program is the same for the booster and the D-Point and is included.

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