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With the TV-TRACK we offer four multifunctional rails, which are designed as effective light rail systems in studios of all sizes. They allow an economical and flexible horizontal positioning of lighting equipment and chain hoists.

The basic distinguishing feature of the four profile types is the size of their design, which results in a different load capacity of the rails. The TT 100 model has a particularly narrow profile, suitable for small to medium-sized applications, while the TT 120 system is designed for larger-span studios. The TT200 profile is designed for large spaces and heavy loads such as lighting telescopes and chain hoists. Traverse systems can be set up with the TT100D rail.

TV-TRACK TT100 und TT120

The TV-TRACK system consists of an aluminum profile, which on the one hand has a channel for carriages to which headlights and other devices can be attached and moved. On the other hand, the power and signal supply of the devices is realized in the profile.

In the simplest application, the rail is provided with sockets attached to the side of the profile according to customer requirements. At the same time, the rail is used as a cable duct, eliminating the need to install additional cable trays. In addition to load cables, data lines of control signals can also be integrated. Lateral cover plates establish a closed system. In conjunction with the high strength of the aluminum this results in low installation costs.

A higher degree of flexibility offers the use of a bus bar, which can be clamped to the profile in a few simple steps. It allows the supply of up to 7 circuits per rail - with a total load capacity of up to 60A per rail. For longer distances, the rails can be divided into sections and electrically separated from each other by passable insulating pieces. The busbars are suitable both for the direct supply of dimming circuits and for the supply of LED lights with control via DMX. In this case the carriage features a current collector and a socket to connect the spotlight. Carriages and current collector are directly coupled, which eliminates the need for festoon cable carriers or spiral cables and the devices can be moved without reconnecting over the entire rail length.

Sockets or busbars can be attached to one side of the TT100 profile, while the TT120 profile can accept these on both sides. An extensive program of carriages and accessories completes the system.

TV-track tt100D

The track system TV-TRACK TT100D complements the profile series TT 100 and TT 120. The system consists of track sections TT 100 D, which are assembled as traverses in fixed paired tracks of  TT 100 or TT 120. Special carriages allow for the movement of the traverse parallel to the tracks or in an angle of +/- 45 °.

For the power and signal supply of the lighting devices, connection plates with sockets, cable carriers and cover plates are available, which can be mounted on the track rails as well as on the traverse rails. The cables are routed in the rail profiles, as usual with the TV TRACK system, so that additional cable ducts can be omitted. It is also possible to feed the rails via busbars.


The profile TT 200 completes the TV-TRACK system. It is designed for use with lighting telescopes or chain hoists. Compared to the steel profiles formerly used it offers considerably higher precision. The installation effort and space requirements, also in connection with busbars, is significantly lower. The carraige may be opend at any point of the rail to remove the carriage and thus the complete device.


The TT 100 MFC track system is specifically designed for rooms that are occasionally used for television productions or other events. The system fits elegantly into existing suspended ceilings, yet offers all the benefits of the TV-TRACK system: Easy positioning of spotlights and other equipment with trolleys on the ceiling, installation of plugs, fuses and cable clamps directly in the duct, easy installation.

The sockets are recessed in the MFC channel, they do not protrude. The cables can be arranged and fastened in the area of the rails via cable hooks which are  easily clamped in the lower channel of the TT 100 profile. The rails and channels are anodised or varnished in different colors according to the customer's wishes, whereby a design adaptation to the ceiling is possible.

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