dp workplace lights

LED luminaire for workplaces for the illumination of control desks, editing suites and other high-quality workplaces with glare-free, adjustable light and without light reflections in screens or monitor walls. The high quality requirements for these workstations are met by the newly developed CONTRO-LED with adjustable beam angle and indirect upward light for brightening the room. The height-adjustable and dimmable compact light is characterized by a particularly slim and attractive design and good handling.


The unique rotating shutters and the recessed LED spotlight make the light emission sharply limited. The beam angle can be easily and accurately adjusted by turning the shutters at the lamp ends. An asymmetrical adjustment is also possible. Unwanted reflections on screens, monitor walls or studio windows as well as direct glare are effectively prevented.

The CONTRO-LED workplace light is availabel with various colour temperatures:

  • 2.700 K  warm white
  • 3.000 K  warm white
  • 4.000 K  cool white
  • 5.000 K  cool white
  • 6.500 K  Daylight

Contro-led for recessed installation

There is a new version of the CONTRO LED for ceiling installation. This can be installed in all suspended ceilings or panels in control rooms or in OB trucks. The installation depth is only 55 mm.

The rotating shutters are simply operated with two small levers on the sides of the luminaire. The lamp is available in silver or black matt - each anodized. Of course, different light colors and control options are available, too.

Available in lengths of 72, 57 and 42 cm

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