Litepanels spotlights

Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, was founded in 2001 by five professional gaffers and lighting engineers who saw the LED as the future lighting for film, television and the AV industry and pioneered it. Their Emmy®-winning technology is now used in thousands of productions worldwide. The world's leading broadcasting organizations rely on it as well. Litepanels continues to expand its range of flicker-free, colorfast, fully-dimmable soft lights, which both the actors and lighting professionals value. These environmentally friendly luminaires pay for themselves quickly thanks to their low power consumption and longevity and set new standards for professional lighting.


The Gemini by Litepanels is a 2x1 LED fixture that delivers a wide, pleasantly soft light with precise color temperature. According to the Litepanels philosophy, the Gemini luminaire offers the full spectrum of daylight and artificial light. In addition, the Gemini provides quick and easy corrections using four full-color modes with hue and saturation settings, whose light intensity can be varied between 100% and 0% at any time.

The Gemini presents itself as a very versatile light that can be controlled by its manual control and remote control via the DMX 512 standard protocol, the wireless DMX option or via Bluetooth. Thus, the Gemini can be adapted to any lighting situation with which today's cameramen and professionals are confronted. The manual settings depend on the speed of rotation and can be fine-tuned or made faster by faster rotation. Thanks to its light weight (10.2 Kg) and the possibility of power supply via the 3-pin XLR connector, the Gemini offers additional flexibility, making it the optimal light on site.

Gemini 1 x 1

The new Gemini 1 x 1 is the little brother of the Gemini 2 x 1. At half size and half weight, it achieves impressive flexibility and light output with the same connectors and features.

Astra 1x1 soft bi-color

The ASTRA 1x1 Soft Bi-Color Panel is based on the popular Astra 1x1 family and represents the next generation of LED panels - developed by the leading lighting professionals who revolutionized the lighting market. The innovative Astra family of LED luminaires went through a development process that spanned many years and meticulously crafted every design element of these next-generation luminaires.

Following the Litepanels tradition of building luminaires with a one-foot form factor, the Astra Soft series is produced with selected, premium quality, high-CRI surface-mount LEDs combined with a "soft diffusion" panel, making the Astra 1x1 Soft Series provides a soft, enveloping light that is perfect for illuminating a speaker and reducing surface reflections. The Astra Soft Bi-Color is characterized by its impressive light output, which is one of the strongest of soft LED panels. This higher luminous efficacy allows illumination over longer distances and the illumination of a wider area, allowing the panel to compete with strong external light sources or effectively illuminate a large area with a single luminaire.

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