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For creative projections and illuminations on large screens in studios, theaters or on live stages, we have a selection of cyclorama lighting systems. Be it as a classic version with floodlights or as top modern LED backlighting solution. Here we advise you gladly in the planning and realization!

CYCLO-LED: individual, economic und creativ!

With the CYCLO-LED system the colored background design becomes even more flexible. With the installation of LEDs in a narrow grid behind a projection screen, an unlimited variety of graphics, ticker and even video content can be displayed on a large surface. The necessary distance between the wall and the projection screen is reduced to only 20 cm.

In this advanced backlighting multicolour LEDs with the primary colors red, green and blue are placed behind a projection screen and shine through them. The CYCLO LED system consists of special aluminum extruded profiles of variable length equipped with LED modules C100-1000 with 10 pieces of multicolour LEDs with a distance of 10 cm (pixel pitch). Other LED modules, e.g. with RGBW LEDs or with a smaller pixel pitch are possible. This type of rear projection offers considerable advantages compared to conventional illumination with area lights:

  •     distance to the projection surface only 20 cm, thus more usabel studio space
  •     long life span
  •     lower power consumption and heat load
  •     RGB single control per light spot (pixel)
  •     optimal lighting design (graphics, ticker, video content)
  •     high color saturation and color reproduction
  •     no active cooling by means of heat sink required
  •     virtual rooms with lean green box

For adapting the illumination also in the arch area, the aluminum support profiles of the projection foil can be individually adapted to the conditions of the studio using a patented technique.

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