dp curtain rails

With the CYCLO-TRACK system, we have developed a universally applicable curtain rail system for film and television studios, theaters and multi-purpose halls, which can be used perfectly wherever an equally effective and functional suspension of cycloramas or curtains is required. The cost-effective modular structure of the system offers components designed individually according to customer requirements for rail systems of all sizes - up to multi-lane systems with switches, parking rails and lifting stations.

CYClo-track ct40 und ct70

Available are two different versions, which differ in the size of the rail profile. Tthe CT 40 rail profile was designed for smaller spaces with shorter track lengths. It's compact construction and low weight allows for particularly tight track radii and thus can be perfectly integrated into the structural conditions of narrow spaces. The CT 70 system is designed for larger rail systems in larger rooms and offers even greater load capacity and strength, which means that the number of suspensions required is lower and even long track lengths can be implemented.

The profiles of both systems are made of high-quality aluminum and have specially shaped running surfaces, which ensure particularly smooth and easy running of the curtain rollers. The  rollers employ ball-bearing wheels, witch ensure the low-noise and effortless movement of the curtain. The individual rail elements are designed depending on the application in sections of up to 4 m and are joined together for longer distances by robust connectors. An additional pinned fitting guarantees a perfect coupling and results in a permanently bumpless passage between the rail sections.

For multi-lane installations, it is possible to integrate a switch system that creates a variable transition from one rail to another and allows curtains to be used between rails laid in parallel. The compact switches are designed as a modular system and can be easily adapted to the respective requirements. They are equipped either with a standard control cup for manual pole operation or with a motor drive.

Especially in rooms with a larger ceiling height, an optional lifting section makes it easier to insert or change curtains, as this allows a single-rail section of the system to be lowered to working height by a motor. Special guide pieces on the fixed part of the rail provide a bumpless connection to the lowerable rail part, so that even here a jerk-free crossing of the closed rail track is ensured. An automatic locking mechanism prevents  the curtain rollers from falling unintentionally out of the system.

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