University of applied siences Mittweida

The State of Saxony built a new complex for the Department of Media and Social Work at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences with a total of more than 650 students. This contains a television studio with about 400 m² and a built-in auditorium. This studio resembles a realistic production environment of a television and event production company for teaching purposes. A smaller studio with 33 m² area is used for virtual production technology.

The light and stage equipment of the studio consists of 20 barrel hoists 120 kg with 2.6 - 3 m length, 13 barrel hoists 200 kg with 5 m length, 1 hoist 250 kg with 14 m length (each make MTS), ASM chain hoists 500 kg , VNR control system PosiControl, curtain rail system Cyclo-Track 3-way, curtains, main distribution and ETC lighting control desk 'element', VNR network Ethernet and DMX, installation technology and lighting equipment. The spotlights used are mainly devices with modern energy-saving LED technology such as Arri LED Fresnel L7-T 3.200 K, ETC LED profiler Source Four Lustr and Nesys cold-light flood lights and INTEGRA HZ for cyclorama lighting. The studio was completed in December 2014.

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