SWR Mainstage

With the Mainstage, SWR comes a big step closer to its goal of producing digital and linear content as cost-consciously and user-oriented as possible. Fixed studio decorations were built at both locations in Mainz and Stuttgart, in which all regular, current studio productions with and without an audience can be recorded and broadcast live. The studio structure consists of large-area LED walls that can be used individually according to the design specifications of the respective program. SWR SPORT becomes MARKTCHECK or LANDESSCHAU at the push of a button.

By eliminating the need to assemble and dismantle the decorations and thanks to the high level of formatting of the broadcast formats, it is possible to carry out various programs in one day and within one shift. It not only reduces conversion times but also rehearsal times. The main stage is an SWR development that sets new standards in studio production for all channels.

The LED backlighting CYCLO-LED was supplied by DP Lighting Systems on behalf of BFE Studio und Medien Systeme. This lighting with RGBW LEDs in a pixel grid of 10 cm allows a versatile background design in connection with a projection screen on an area of 46 x 5.5 m. This technology has been used with RGB LEDs in the SWR studios in Stuttgart since 2012, and of course now also for the mainstage studio. The LED background lighting supplements the LED video walls supplied by BFE with program-specific content behind the moderator and the guests in the gaps and in the vicinity of the LED video walls. This way the various magazine programs are always recognizable.

The LHGL lighting with RGBW fluorescent lamps installed in 1996 as part of the initial equipment of the studio in Mainz was replaced by the CYCLO LED system, which offers far more versatile design options with significantly reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.

At the same time, the connection panels in the studio were equipped with additional plugging options for Ethernet and DMX networks as well as remote-switchable network connections. The ISYGLT system from Seebacher was used here.
The studios in Mainz and Stuttgart have been on air in the new design for SWR Sport, Landesschau and consumer magazines, among others, since November 2020.

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