RTS Geneva

The renewed lighting technology of the 340 m² magazine studio of RTS in Geneva was planned and equipped by us with fully automatic LED spotlight technology. Motorized LED spotlights L7-C and L10-C were used with lighting telescopes that are movable in rails. All settings of the spotlights and the telescopes can be stored via a position control and can be retrieved again and again for the recurring magazine productions within a few minutes.

In addition, the studio was equipped with a CYCLO-LED backlight. The system, which is also used at the SWR in Stuttgart, allows a versatile design of the cyclorama with static or moving graphics, color designs or video content and can also be used as a large green box background for chroma key applications.

Barrel hoists for additional lighting devices, e. g. moving lights or decorative parts, were arranged between the  lighting telescopes with 3 m and 6 m in length, as well as chain hoists in rails, which are also controlled by the control system. This is the world's first studio with fully automatic LED spotlight technology as well as LED backlighting. It has been used since June 2015 for the extensive RTS magazine broadcasts.

Hilgestraße 14

D - 55294 Bodenheim


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