Puls4 Vienna

Puls 4 Vienna opened its new studios in the Media Quarter Marx with the live broadcast of the first Group D match of the Champions League - Real Madrid against Manchester City. The visually appealing and -state-of-the-art-equipped studios were equipped in a very short period of time of just under 4 months after commissioning.

The studios 1 and 2 have floor areas of 500 m² and 220 m², while the large studio with a playing height of 8 m meets all production requirements, even with an audience. The smaller Studio 2 is among others used for the breakfast television by Puls4 as well as for virtual productions.

In the big studio, proven products such as MTS barrel hoists with 4,4 m length and 200 kg capacity, PosiControl and network technology from VNR, lighting control desks grandMA 2 light and grandMA on PC as backup, ETC dimmers and spotlights from De Sisti and Nesys are used.

The entire infrastructure at the studio ceiling consists of system profiles as a substructure for suspending the barrel hoists and the TV-TRACK TT 200 track rails for chain hoists. The CYCLO-TRACK CT 70 curtain rails are used in two parralel tracks with a switch, a lifting section and a studio separation.

Hilgestraße 14

D - 55294 Bodenheim


Tel.: +49 (0) 6135 933 16-0

Fax.: +49 (0) 6135 933 16-29