kING Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Ingelheim

Since 18 August 2017 there is a new place for culture in Ingelheim am Rhein. On this day the kING Culture and Congress Hall opened and since then has given the heart of the red wine city a new beat: concerts of all genres of music, theater, cabaret, dance, variety and musicals await visitors. With its inspiring architecture, special atmosphere and unique acoustics, the kING is a house with optimal conditions for culture and congresses.

The hall was equipped with ETC dimmers, grandMA2 light lighting console, ETC and SGM spotlights and Varilite moving lights, including the necessary infrastructure with DMX and Ethernet network, junction boxes and electrical installation.

In addition, the function room of the neighboring education center Ingelheim (WBZ) was equipped with modern spotlight technology from ETC and SGM, as well as an ETC Color Source 20 lighting console. The Education Center Ingelheim (WBZ) is a youth and adult education institution. It includes the Fridtjof Nansen Academy for Political Education, the Volkshochschule in the WBZ, the Music School and the Youth Education Center.

Hilgestraße 14

D - 55294 Bodenheim


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