Deutsche Welle Bonn

Deutsche Welle's new compact video studio was equipped with TV-TRACK and CYCLO-TRACK rail systems as well as a CYCO-LED cyclorama light system. The former radio studio was rebuilt as a television recording studio due to recent program requirements.

The CYCLO LED wall with a height of 2.75 m on three sides of the studio is used for any background designs with colors, graphics, etc. For virtual studio productions the studio floor is painted green with Ultimatte and the LED wall is adapted to this keying color.


In the middle area of the cyclorama the distances between the frames for the CYCLO LED profiles and the projection screen can be changed by a motor between approx. 18 and 25 cm. This results in different resolutions on the projection screen. The studio was completed in May 2012.

Hilgestraße 14

D - 55294 Bodenheim


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Fax.: +49 (0) 6135 933 16-29